amnifps executive team

Founded with a focus on business development and technology transfer in our emerging market agribusiness sectors, AmniFPS International is managed by a team of individuals holding a wealth of knowledge and expertise anchored in the North American food and agricultural industries and gathered from a rich cross section of companies, industries and countries.

Using an engaged, customer focused approach to venture execution, the executive team provides innovative concepts, technology solutions and results which enables venture partners to capitalize on growth and expansion opportunities.

Our management team consists of:

Malcolm Speller
Malcolm N. Speller
Founder and Chief Executive

Jacobs Engineering, Unilever, Kellogg, Kraft, Sara Lee, M&M/Mars, ConAgra, General Mills
MBA Engineering Mgmt., MS. Bioprocess Engineering, BS. Food Science & Chemistry
Kevin Sanford
Kevin Sanford
Director of Sales & Marketing

Roche Diagnostics, Pfizer, Baxter Health Care
MBA Marketing, BS. Marketing Communications
Steve Ndely
Steve Ndely
Director of Engineering & Technology

Nestle, Novartis, General Mills, Pillsbury
BS. Chemical Engineering, BS. Chemistry, BS. Mathematics, Certified PMP
George Fotso
Georges Fotso
Director of Agribusiness Development

DeMatteo Monness, Agribusiness Specialists - Professional experience Africa, Europe and the U.S.
Graduate Cert., MS., BS. International Agrarian Development
Tjuan Smith
Tjuan Smith
Director of Project Execution

HEB Grocery Co., Argonne Natl. Lab., United Technologies, US Army Health & Facility Planning
MS. Industrial Engineering, BS. Mechanical Engineering, Certified PMP
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis
Director Supply Chain & Logistics

Anheuser Busch, PepsiCo, Intel Corporation, M&M Mars
MBA, BA. Bus. Admin. Asian Studies, Chief Executive of OneSCSI, Certified PMP
* Chief Financial Officer information available upon request.


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