amnifps projects
Tapioca starch production Vanguard Processing Industries, Melende, Cameroon
AmniFPS and Vanguard Processing Industries Farms (VPI-Farms) have joined in partnership to form an investment proposal to establish an agro-industrial cassava tuber farm in the Republic of Cameroon ( Central Africa ). The proposed 1,230-hectare farm will be combined with a starch extraction plant (VPI-Starch). VPI will process cassava tubers into unmodified starch on an industrial scale, and be designed to anticipate future expansion and diversification into other cassava based food and non-food products that are economical and highly marketable substitute materials in the local and regional markets (e.g. composite flour).
Dehydration and Canning - Logmann Limited, Akosombo , Ghana
  The purpose of the project is to introduce new products and establish new facilities to manufacture dehydrated fruits and vegetables with view to preserving perishable foods. Research conducted about one year ago by the company indicates 3.85 mt/tones of the various fruits and vegetables could be processed
Process Enhancements Eden's Garden Valley, Ewerton, Jamaica
  Following stellar sales growth within the past year, Eden 's Garden Valley is moving their small vegetarian meat analogs operation into a newly constructed facility. AmniFPS International, LLC has entered into a strategic partnership with Eden 's Garden Valley to scale up and design processes for the new facility that will not change their products while allowing for greater process flexibility.
The Kawonda Women's Bakery, Sigoti, Kenya
  They are running their operations at merely 25% capacity utilization. Although they have purchased four Swiss made industrial baking ovens, only one is currently being used. Resulting from process and operational inefficiencies, they have not been able to leverage their underutilized capacity
Tropico Processors, Barranquilla , Columbia
  Currently having available revenues, Tropico Processors is building a facility to produce tapioca starches. They have a need for processing expertise to review their plans and advise on equipment purchases. They have chosen AmniFPS to meet this need.
Design of corn milling facility for Habibi, Ltd., Karachi , Pakistan
Grain handling systems Arcady Group, Kampala , Uganda
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