AmniFPS International  Services and Assessment Management Consultancy

For any company, the cornerstone of performance; measured in terms of productivity and profitability, rests on its ability to develop robust and cost-effective administrative and engineering controls to manage three operational fundamentals:

Reduce Operating costs
Reduce Inventories
Increase throughput

Our service philosophy towards our client-partners is in our multidisciplinary approach which values each business opportunity as an investment partnership.

The end objective of AmniFPS' services is to help its clients enhance the productivity and profitability of their company's operations by introducing value-added tools and procedures that channel limited resources towards the efficient management of its inputs: men, machines and materials.

Assess current processes
Assess existing technology
Process & Industrial Engineering on site audit
Define process subsets
Establish subset standards
Define current performance levels
Prepare a summary report
On site Technology audit
Define Control subsets
Define Mechanical subsets
Establish performance standards
Determine current performance levels
Prepare a summary report
Assess operational productivity
Assess Project Execution
Industrial and Process Engineer on site audit
Define measurement subsets
Establish measurement standards
Measure current output levels
Quantify all down time and losses
Prepare a summary report
Project Manager on site audit
Review all project objectives
Review schedule and all CN's
Determine current project status
Prepare a summary report
Recommend improvements
Address change management
Review all summary reports
Generate decision matrices
Quantify areas for improvement
Prioritize areas for improvement
Develop an improvement implementation plan
Generate an implementation plan
Determine need for change
Validate customer's business change objectives
Assess impact of change
Determine cost of change
Develop change implementation
Plan change schedule
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